Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LTE: "Local Republians welcome diversity"

Letter to editor written by Staunton Chairwoman

I am writing in response to the article in last Wednesday's paper regarding Sen. Emmett Hanger. In the article, there was much discussion concerning the Republican Party and its best interests; primarily centering on whether the party will continue to hold the state Senate seat should Scott Sayre win the Republican primary.

What struck me, though, was a lack of conversation concerning the issues. We live in a country in which our leaders are elected through a democratic process. If the constituents believe that their elected official is not representing them based on the issues, then they have a right to elect someone who will better represent them. If we simply fall in line with our electeds, just because they have an "R" or a "D" behind their name, we walk the precarious line of becoming apathetic and ultimately disinterested in the process.

I truly believe that it is healthy to bring multiple candidates to the table so that we may have an opportunity to dialogue. The more we dialogue, the more we are able to develop stronger and richer ideas as a nation.

In accord with this sentiment, I had invited Scott Sayre to speak to the Staunton Republican Committee in February, soon after he announced his candidacy, for the purpose of introduction to the committee. Sen. Hanger, who is already well known to the committee, has always had an open invitation to address the group.

In regard to the decision by Ray Ergenbright, Erma Fretwell and a handful of others to have Sen. Hanger speak in April, that was their prerogative. Although there was a lack of quorum, Sen. Hanger spoke for an hour, and I hope that he was able to answer their pertinent questions regarding the issues.

I extend the invitation to Sen. Emmett Hanger and his challenger Scott Sayre to join the majority of the members of the Staunton Republican Committee at our next meeting in May.
Let each candidate present their position on the issues; then the voters will be better armed when they go into the voting booth on June 12.


Editor's Note: Taetzsch is chairwoman of the Staunton Republican Committee.

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