Saturday, April 14, 2007

Politics ... all day long....

Just returned from spending the day deep in politics....

The SWAC area had their monthly breakfast this morning which offered lots of networking which led to meetings with various people afterwards.

Around the middle of the day I headed over to Waynesboro where I met up with Spank That Donkey to help with the Scott Sayre campaign. After being sure there was plenty of help in that location, we drove to Scott's Buena Vista headquarters where we joined up with some Rockbridge folks who were hard at work on the campaign.

It was good to spend the afternoon working on various aspects of the campaign. Scott stopped by at one point to help and then was off to another public event as we wrapped up the day.

When we left, Spanky and I drove through Buena Vista (what a beautiful location at the base of those mountains) and stopped for barbecue and to discuss politics ... ever noticed how political junkies can spend hours discussing that subject?

After eating, we drove around a bit more to check out the town, then down to the Maury River where we saw what appeared to be one of the largest oak trees I've ever seen. It was huge.

As we drove back to Staunton, we detoured to check out 4'x8' Sayre signs along the way (Spanky has it posted on his site here).

It was a productive day and spurred me on to work hard for Scott leading up to the Primary. I hope others who support him will be able to help in one of the many aspects of campaigning between now and June 12.

Sayre for Senate
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