Sunday, June 03, 2007

18! Another joins Bloggers 4 Sayre....

Joe from NOVA Townhall has now joined the lineup of conservatives on Bloggers 4 Sayre, adding yet another respected voice to the coalition.

These are folks statewide who are interested in the Commonwealth's future and concerned over taxes and immigration. They line up with the views of Scott Sayre and realize that his representation in the state senate will help in their part of the state, too.

Potts and Chichester are gone. Emmett Hanger was part of their team that helped push through huge tax hikes. He joined the moderate Republicans who lined up with Mark Warner, helping Warner gain national attention by getting his legislation passed with a Republican General Assembly thereby empowering the Democrats.

Scott Sayre will be good for the 24th District and the rest of the state, something recognized by those who are part of Bloggers 4 Sayre.

We are honored to have Joe and the other 17 distinguished bloggers who have joined us in this mission ... and we thank them.

Sayre for Senate


Spank That Donkey said...

Looks like Myron's dive into the sewer/cesspool has not only cost him all of his credibility/decency as a blogger, but has helped rally even more bloggers to B4S.

You know what they say, you're known by the company that you keep.

SWAC Girl said...

"You're known by the company that you keep."

Perhaps someone should tell that to Sen. Hanger.