Tuesday, June 05, 2007

GOP political history lesson....

Political leadership? Or simply "go along to get along"?

That's the question in the 24th Senate District as the grassroots volunteers supporting Scott Sayre line up against an incumbent backed by just about every elected official he can get his hands on.

At a time when many are looking for a conservative leader who sticks to his principles, the grassroots are finding it's politics as usual for those who are repaying political favors. What else would explain House Speaker Howell and Majority Leader Griffith backing a senator who stonewalled or shot down their legislation?

Rumor has it George Allen may be about to wade into this political mine field. All those grassroots volunteers backing Scott Sayre were solid Allen supporters even through last fall so if Allen gets involved how will that play out with those volunteers?

Leslie Carbone has written A Moral and Political Error where she reminds us of Pennsylvania's senate race three years ago in which conservative Pat Toomey challenged RINO Arlen Specter ... and conservative Sen. Rick Santorum shocked his conservative base by endorsing Specter. Two years later, Santorum was voted out of office by the very voters who had put him there ... because he went against his moral convictions.

Have we learned anything from that? Emmett Hanger voted for tax hikes after promising his constituents he would not, and he voted for in-state tuition for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS but sent out a campaign mailer saying he was against it.

Check out Leslie's post ... it's a political history lesson for Republicans.

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James Atticus Bowden said...

When Jerry Kilgore lost, I had reliable, money and time donating Republicans come up to me and say they weren't voting for him because he supporting the Regional Government with taxing authority we had voted down in 98 and 02. It wasn't many people. But how many voters does a handful of activists represent?

The '02 Tax Scam, '04 Tax betrayal- largest increase in Virginia history, and '07 Transportation Tax Panic have bleed the Conservative base from voting Republican. Ask Jerry Kilgore and George Allen. It's not the sum of their loss, but it is part of it.

In the 1st Cong District if George Allen had run even with the marriage amendment or Cong. Jo Ann Davis in our District alone - he would still be senator. He ran behind both.

SWAC Girl said...

Same here. We lost volunteers during Kilgore and then Allen races and we've not gotten them back.

Allen embraced the Marriage Amendment late here ... we were putting "Marriage Amendment" stickers on his signs at the eleventh hour. It was too little too late. We have had many people say they will be back when the Party stops watering down its conservative message. What part of that is so difficult for Republican electeds to understand?

SWAC Girl said...

From Jamie at V*CAP (she couldn't get it to post so sent to me to add):

Politicians are all about themselves. I have worked for both Allen and Kilgore and they continue to disappoint me recently. I consider Jerry a personal friend, but they just don't get it. All they care about is what will give them a political edge and get them back in the game. They don't realize they are cooked. They think they need the moderates but they lose the conservatives faster than they gain the moderates.

Rumor has it that Allen has sent out an email to his faithful staff telling them not to get too comfortable in their jobs.

I agree with JAB, I miss their conservative leadership of the 90's.

It just goes to show that you all are kicking butt if Hanger felt it necessary to call in the calvary. Pretty funny that the incumbent can't win without calling in the "big dogs." I guess his record and popularity couldn't stand on its own.