Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall election lineup in Augusta County

State Senate (24th District):
Emmett Hanger (R)
Arin Sime (L)
David Cox (D)
Steve Landes (R - 25th House) - unopposed
Chris Saxman (R - 20th House) - unopposed
Ben Cline (R - 24th House) - unopposed
Lee Ervin, Commonwealth's Attorney (D) - unopposed
John B. Davis, Clerk of Court (R) - unopposed
Jean Shrewsbury, Commissioner of Revenue (R) - unopposed
Richard Homes, Treasurer (R) - unopposed
Randy Fisher, Sheriff (R) - unopposed

Board of Supervisors:
Beverley Manor [Incumbent Jim Bailey (R) retiring]
-- Jeremy Shifflett (R)
-- Lee Godfrey (D)
Middle River
-- Gerald Garber (R) - unopposed
North River
-- Larry Howdyshell (R)
-- Charles Curry (I)
-- Travis Smithdeal (R)
-- Tracy Pyles (D)
-- Michael Shull (R)
-- Nancy Sorrells (I)
South River
-- David Beyeler (R) - unopposed
-- Wendell Coleman (I) - unopposed

In Augusta County the elections to watch are the State Senate seat (currently held by Emmett Hanger) and the Board of Supervisors districts of North River, Pastures, Beverley Manor, and Riverheads. More about those in follow-up posts....


Andrew from Middlebrook said...

Any comments on the Pastures District? I thought Mr. Chester was going to run....I guess he backed out.

I can't find any info on or about Travis Smithdeal. Any ideas on how to find out about his positions? (although at this point, I think I would vote for Homer Simpson over Tracy Piles).

SWAC Girl said...

I'm working up a post on all the supervisor races so will have Pastures included in that.

Mr. Chester ran against Mr. Smithdeal at a mass meeting for the Republican BOS nomination ... and Mr. Smithdeal won.

You must be relocated if you're able to vote in Pastures because Middlebrook is in Riverheads District where Mike Shull is challenging Nancy Sorrells.