Thursday, August 23, 2007

SWAC united behind Hanger ... did Graham forget to fact-check?

Today's article about an interview with George Allen by Chris Graham at the Augusta Free Press/New Dominion caught my eye. Graham had talked with the senator last week at a fundraiser in Harrisonburg/ Rockingham. This jumped out at me:
Allen didn’t take sides in that dustup between the moderate incumbent Hanger and the conservative challenger Sayre over the 24th Senate District Republican nomination.

“Both outstanding people, just great people - and I know both of them. But it’s important, though, that once the intrasquad scrimmages are over, everyone unites behind your team and whomever is selected to be your starter for that position. That’s important,” Allen said.
Has Chris Graham forgotten he wrote an article about George Allen's endorsement of Emmett Hanger? On June 8, 2007, just four days before the Republican Primary, Graham wrote in The New Dominion:
Also weighing in with endorsements for Hanger were former Republican governor and U.S. senator George Allen, Fifth District Republican Congressman Virgil Goode, Republican state Del. Terry Kilgore, the chair of the House Republican Caucus, and the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund. ...

“Emmett has been a friend since our time together in the House of Delegates. He is a solid conservative, no question,” said Allen, who served as governor from 1994 to 1998 and served a term in the U.S. Senate from 2001-2007, in a statement released on Thursday. ...

“Susan and I both are supporting his re-election and encourage everyone to join us in helping him return to Richmond,” Allen said.
The June 8 article also included endorsements by House Speaker Howell and Majority Leader Griffith:
Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell and Majority Leader Morgan Griffith offered their endorsements to Hanger in his bid for the Republican Party nomination in next week’s party primary.
The Hanger campaign also sent mailers with George Allen's endorsement.

This "intrasquad scrimmage" was about taxes. In the Valley many of us are Reagan Republicans who believe, like Reagan, that lowering taxes stimulates growth which brings in revenue.

Before the Primary we stated that we would all swing behind the winner; after the Primary we stated our endorsement of Emmett Hanger in newspaper and TV interviews and the blogs. Augusta Chairman Kurt Michael reemphasized it at the SWAC-GOP Breakfast on August 11th in front of RPV Chairman John Hager, local electeds, state delegates, and 50 Republican voters attending the meeting.

Let me make it clear: the SWAC grassroots leadership endorses and backs Emmett Hanger in the November election.

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China Doll Cat said...

You are right SWAC Girl, Chris Graham did get it wrong. He has done this before with other stories he written. Thanks you for keeping the press honest! Check out his comment section. John Darden sets the story straight.