Thursday, January 24, 2008

John McCain ... not a conservative's choice

Now that Fred Thompson has withdrawn from the 2008 presidential race, who is left for conservatives to support? There are Fred Heads out there comparing candidates and looking for someone to get behind.

Ann Coulter reminds readers today of many issues John McCain supported that they may have forgotten about. These are issues that do not line up in the "conservative" column:
- Believes in global warming
- Opposed President Bush's tax cuts
- Opposed a marriage amendment to the Constitution
- Was against waterboarding terrorists
- Is against ANWR ... drilling for oil in Alaska
- Called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "dishonest and dishonorable"
- Promoted amnesty for illegal aliens
- Was for Social Security for illegal aliens
- Supported criminal trials for terrorists
I agree that John McCain served his country and was a prisoner of war. However, the way he has served in D.C. has nothing to do with his military background.

I am tired of hearing the liberal lie that McCain was savaged in South Carolina by the George W. Bush supporters before the 2000 primary. That is not true.

As Ann Coulter wrote:
McCain started and fanned the vicious anti-Bush myth that, before the 2000 South Carolina primary, the Bush campaign made phone calls to voters calling McCain a "liar, cheat and a fraud" and accusing him of having an illegitimate black child.

On the thin reed of a hearsay account, McCain immediately blamed the calls on Bush. "I'm calling on my good friend George Bush," McCain said, "to stop this now. He comes from a better family. He knows better than this."

Bush denied that his campaign had anything to do with the alleged calls and, in a stunningly magnanimous act, ordered his campaign to release the script of the calls being made in South Carolina.

Bush asked McCain to do the same for his calls implying that Bush was an anti-Catholic bigot, but McCain refused. Instead, McCain responded with a campaign commercial calling Bush a liar on the order of Bill Clinton:

MCCAIN: His ad twists the truth like Clinton. We're all pretty tired of that.

ANNOUNCER: Do we really want another politician in the White House America can't trust?

After massive investigations by the Los Angeles Times and investigative reporter Byron York, among others, it turned out that neither of the alleged calls had been made by the Bush campaign -- nor, it appeared, by anyone else. There was no evidence that any such calls had ever been made, which is unheard of when hundreds of thousands of "robo-calls" are being left on answering machines across the state.

And yet, to this day, the media weep with McCain over Bush's underhanded tactics in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

In fact, the most vicious attack in the 2000 South Carolina primary came from McCain -- and not against his opponent.

Seeking even more favorable press from The New York Times, McCain launched an unprovoked attack against the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, calling them "agents of intolerance." Unlike the phantom "black love child" calls, there's documentary evidence of this smear campaign.

To ensure he would get full media coverage for that little gem, McCain alerted the networks in advance that he planned to attack their favorite whipping boys. Newspaper editors across the country stood in awe of McCain's raw bravery. The New York Times praised him in an editorial that said the Republican Party "has for too long been tied to the cramped ideology of the Falwells and the Robertsons."
I worked the George W. Bush campaign in 2000. I was in Richmond volunteering at Bush for President headquarters when the South Carolina stories broke from the McCain campaign. It is nice to see Ms. Coulter has put the truth out for people to read.

There are other reasons I hesitate to support McCain but they are for another day....


Farmer Ted said...

I do not see how anyone who claims to be a Conservative can support this person.

I do not even want to hear that it is because he "is the only one who can beat Hillary."

Rudy or Mitt? What say you SWAC Girl?

GOP Rock said...

I will be supporting and voting for John McCain on February 12th. I refuse to support a candidate that panders to get votes (e.g. Romney in MI making promises he knew he could not keep). I have a lot of respect for John McCain.

SWAC Girl said...

Farmer Ted, I like both Rudy and Mitt. However, I feel that Rudy is fading out; Florida may tell the tale. Mitt has racked up the most delegates so far, a fact conveniently left out by the MSM when touting John McCain.

If voting today, it would probably be for Mitt Romney.

SWAC Girl said...

GOP Rock, I hear ya. I did not care for Mitt's promises in Michigan, either ... but I feel more strongly about all that John McCain has already voted against that are conservative issues.

Drilling in ANWR is a biggie with me because I do not feel we should have to depend on oil from the rest of the world when we have reserves here at home. That is a liberal issue ... and he went right along with them.

Will I support him if he ends up being the nominee? Absolutely. But for the primary process I will not. He reminds me too much of John Warner who happens to be the co-chair of his Virginia campaign.

May the best man win!

Spank That Donkey said...

GOP Rock:
Let's get for real here, McPain voted against GWB tax cuts twice, he authored an amnesty plan, McPain Feinhold, education legislation with Kennedy, I have always felt he was soft on the second amendment, and quite frankly he has been a pain in the nether regions for over a decade...

I am leaning now towards Huckabee now that Hunter has endorsed him. Hunter is a true Conservative, and Romney has serious issues with that company Hunter was nailing him on that can give away military technology to the Chinese.

We had enough problems with Bill Clinton winking at the Chinese, and if we give away technology that helps them kill one of our carriers.... uh, is it $$$ Mitt or National Security?

GOP Rock said...

I have issues with Huckabee because he uses his religion to get votes.

McCain always supported the President concerning Iraq.