Thursday, November 10, 2011

Election Day 2011 ... Augusta County

Campaign signs reminded voters to head to the polls for their candidates. These were located at Lacey Real Estate on Rt. 250 in Fishersville.

Bob Kirchman and the candidate's dad Dr. David Karaffa worked the Jolivue poll for David Karaffa.

A grassroots campaign at its finest! Susan Kubany ran as an Independent for Commissioner of Revenue on a shoestring budget so they had homemade signs. I love it!

Fishersville Precinct had photographer Pat Jarrett with the Staunton News Leader talking with candidates Kurt Michael and Jeff Moore.

At 4:30 Tuesday morning, the full moon was beautiful over the Appalachian Mountains as workers scurried to the polls. The early 28-degree morning had heavy frost that had to be chiseled off vehicles but the day warmed into the upper 60s with bright sunshine.

The Karaffa camp at Jolivue.
Beautiful scenery makes driving between precincts a joy in the Valley. What is it about elections that makes me embrace the day along with my cooler of water and soft drinks as well as snacks for anyone working the polls? Republican, Democrat, Independent ... I share with all!

Supervisor candidate Kurt Michael greeted an endless stream of friends and supporters throughout the day. Here he was at the Fishersville precinct. The leaner on the left is the opponent's worker.

Campaign treasurer Vonda Lacey was Kurt's cheerleader as she worked the polls alongside him at Yancey Fire Department. Behind them are some of the remaining autumn leaves that are still gorgeous in the Shenandoah Valley.

Kurt Michael's family helped at the Fishersville precinct.

Curt Lilly leaving the poll in Fishersville.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
8 November 2011

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