Saturday, November 25, 2006

Politically correct "Happy Feet"

Since the family was together for Thanksgiving, the whole crew went to the movie threater, including the two 11-year-old nieces and my 19- and 22-year old kids, to see the newly released Warner Brothers movie, "Happy Feet."

The animation was terrific especially of the baby penguins with their baby-blue eyes, and the music had us tapping our fingers and toes.

From is this description of the movie:

Truly a film for all ages, Happy Feet is set deep in Antarctica. Into the land of the Emperor penguins where each needs a Heartsong to attract a soul mate, a penguin is born who cannot sing. Our hero Mumble, son of Memphis and Norma Jean, is the worst singer in the world… however, as it happens, he is a brilliant tap dancer! The story of a misfit who finds a beat all his own.

Cute story, cute idea ... and then the political correctness crept in. At the point where I thought the story was almost over, it turned in another direction and went on for another 30 minutes. The fish population is dwindling and the penguins can't figure out why ... so Mumble the hero heads off to the "land of the aliens" to see if he can discover why there aren't enough fish. Along the way he finds a penguin ("Lovelace" with the voice of Robin Williams) who has a plastic six-pack "necklace" he acquired from the trashy waters ... and discovers humans are, of course, responsible for fishing and diminishing the fish population for the penguins. I truly expected the "Greenpeace" ship to show up at anytime to save the day!

Do I want to poison the water and kill the penguins? Of course not. Do I want clean water? Of course I do. But I'm tired of supposed "kids' movies" having some "pro-social issue/anti-human" propaganda woven through them when all I wanted to do was watch a cute animated movie!


Anonymous said...

Reality bites. Sorry about that.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I agree that reality is everywhere ... but is it too much to ask for an hour away from blaming the human species for everything that's wrong in the world - especially in an animated children's movie?