Saturday, December 23, 2006

Open letter to conservative bloggers

It is quite apparent that the Lefty bloggers are communicating and working in tandem in order to destroy Republicans. I point to the blog site Raising Kaine. In a post entitled Don't Let the GOP Stay Silent on Virgil's Comments, they are quoted as saying:

“I pushed this project yesterday. The team at TPM had the same idea:
Since news of anti-Muslim comments by Rep. Virgil Goode and this was the strategy. Call 'em (or e-mail 'em) and find out. Congressmen, state leaders, senators, delegates - any of them. If you want to look up your own reps, use the useful tool on the left hand side of the Project Vote Smart website."

The latest combined effort of the lefty bloggers is to circle their wagons and protect Waldo. Once again they are communicating, organizing, and pulling together.

Like "macaca," the Virgil Goode attack was executed very well by the lefty bloggers. I give them credit for a well-run smear campaign. So what are their tactics and what have we learned?

1. Redefine words: For example, they defined "macaca" as a racial slur. "Marriage" was redefined as same sex. "Pornography" is now a picture of a terrorist act. This is easily stopped if the right would hold the left accountable when they try to redefine words. The right's failure to do so will be our demise.

2. Character assassination: The left uses words like bigot, racist, homophobe. This is in their playbook. They will gang up and smear whoever is a threat to them. They use these words to intimidate us and others. Whenever we see this happening, we must call them on the carpet. Failure to do so will result in an unpleasant experience.

3. Trial balloons: The left will make an accusation and see how the right replies. They will then analyze the message, refine it, and then send it off to the mainstream press. Remember ... the press is lazy and will let the left write the story. Many conservative bloggers unknowingly interact with the lefty bloggers, allowing them to craft their message. At that point, the message is ripe for the mainstream press to publish. We should be careful how we interact with the left and avoid letting them gain control.

4. Real estate: The right does not own real estate. Look at who owns the aggregators. The left does and the right, like lambs to the slaughter, participate on the left's terms. When the left cannot control the message, they attack and, if unsuccessful, de-blog the poster such as just happened to conservative blogger General Grievous' Dog. I would encourage a person with time on their hands to start an aggregator and let the left come to us.

5. They are not your friend: The lefty bloggers may turn on you in a heartbeat if you do not play their game.

6. They are paid: They are paid to construct the message. Even the best of us do not have the time to compete against this. RPV may want to consider getting a paid staffer on board to do what Raising Kaine does.

Sun Tzu said know your enemy and you will win every battle. At this point, it would be useful to analyze the tactics used by the left and compile a list so that we can avoid being blindsided in the future. It would be good to hear your input. We on the right must pull together.

I hope I am not too forward in offering these observations. It would be nice to get together with other conservative bloggers in 2007 to discuss strategy and tactics.

With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2007,



Spank That Donkey said...

Dead on correct, Good Post!

I don't think BNN is leftist... but I've never had a reason to question them.

But, even when the Allen Campaign hired Jon Henke, they still tied one hand behind his back....

Obviously RK was running free and wild, because "the writer" Jim Webb would not have personally said alot of things that were said by RK.

However, if the blogosphere were a fist fight, it's pretty obvious that RK brought in the knife....

and that is why the left is so outraged by GGD, he is shooting them :-)

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thanks for adding the Dog to BNN. And thanks for setting the record straight ... that it's not owned by the left. BNN does a good job.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Spank That Donkey, great analogy of the fist fight. Being paid to do this has an entirely different spin to it compared to those of us who squeeze it into our everyday schedules.

James Atticus Bowden said...

Good post. We still win because we speak the truth.