Monday, June 18, 2007

Kilo: "Waldo is a liar"

An interesting discussion, Waldo Is a Liar, is going on over at Carl Kilo's Spark It Up! Apparently Waldo forged Kilo's name and linked his website to a comment made on Waldo's blog ... and Waldo admitted it.

On June 14 Kilo wrote:

I just became aware that Waldo has forged ( To fashion or reproduce for fraudulent purposes) my name and linked my website to a comment made on his blog. Waldo admits changing the real authors name to mine. I did not make this comment and in fact have not commented on Waldo's blog in some time. That makes Waldo a liar and a practicer of forgery. I have sent this info and screen shots to the proper people and will meet with them in the morning to discuss the matter.
Then on June 15 Kilo documented the comment in question and wrote in Waldo Is Still Lying:

That is the comment Waldo says I authored. That is a lie. I do agree with the comment but I did not write it. If I had, my name would be on it. I have published many things about Waldo and signed my name happily. Waldo prefers penis was penned and authored by me. I called him out for his attacks on Jerry Kilgore's mother when he made fun of how she looked. I called him out on his Sen Allen accusations. I was the one who challenged him over Sorenson 1&2.
I've never had a reason to question Kilo's honesty on the blogs, and I've always seen him stand up to the lefty bloggers. I admire the fact he does not let the libs' use of their usual intimidation techniques bother him. Kilo wrote:

Now Waldo claims to be prophetic and will change comment writers names to suit his agenda. Waldo has made this issue personal with his vitriol acts. Waldo has a long post today full of bullshit anyone who has a inkling of computer knowledge knows to be untrue. Why is Waldo lying? One commenter on his blog does shed the truth on the subject saying:

"Mr. Jaquith:You probably already know this, but you should be very careful about associating IP addresses with individuals.

Generally speaking, your ISP gives your cable or DSL modem what’s called a 'lease' on an IP address. The period of this lease is generally weeks, although it can be as short as an hour, according to the whim of the ISP. When an IP address is released, it goes back into that ISP’s pool of addresses, and is assigned (probably) randomly to the next device who asks for one.

Static IP addresses, which don’t change, are usually more expensive, and are used for when you’re running servers in your basement, which most people don’t do.

Also keep in mind that, if I’m sharing an internet connection by means of a router, everybody who connects via that router will appear to have the same IP address. Everybody at my whole company, for example, and there are thousands of us, appear to the internet to have the same IP address."

Sure Waldo knows this is a fact. ... He wants to try to smear me. That is his choice. I say it here and now: Waldo is a liar.
There is a lively discussion going on at both posts. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of more conservative bloggers since Waldo was held up as an example of "ethical civil bloggers" when I entered the blogosphere, something I didn't see because I had encountered his liberal agenda of trying to tear down and destroy Republican candidates.


Carl Kilo said...

Waldo thinks he can intimidate me. Wrong. If he did not like the comment he should have deleted it. His history of being called out for lying is long and full. Mine on the other hand is not.
The only ones impressed with Waldo's antics are the highly creditable plunge and Mark Brooks. LoL Big surprise there.
The funny thing is that Waldo has changed his story twice already. His comments are full of "if's"
He and the others want me to "out" the commenter Teddy. That is not going to happen.

Spank That Donkey said...

Alex is more mature than Waldo..