Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anne Taetzsch: "Kurt Michael is the only choice for ACRC Chair"

On Thursday, Republicans in Augusta County will make a choice. It is a critical choice. They must choose which direction they wish their committee to go in over the next two years. In my mind the obvious choice is Dr. Kurt Michael.

Kurt Michael is the epitome of the grassroots. He has worked to save Weekday Religious Education in Staunton, has supported our troops through countless rallies, and worked successfully on several campaigns to elect GOP candidates including Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor, Bob McDonnell for Atty General, Larry Howdyshell in North River, Jeremy Shifflett in Beverly Manor, Jean Shrewsberry for Commissioner, Richard Holmes for Treasurer, Randy Fisher for Sheriff, Chris Saxman in Staunton, Steve Landes in Augusta - Waynesboro, and Ben Cline in Augusta.

Kurt has built the ACRC from the ground up. He is a successful leader. He turns out dozens of volunteers every election from the sign guys to the poll workers. He listens to the people.

Unfortunately, there are those who say he is divisive. How? Why? Because he chose democracy? Because he advocated the exchange of ideas within the Republican Party? Kurt Michael represents the people -- those of us who are not elected and paid for by the government dole. He represents those of us who feel that politics should be bottom up (for the people by the people). He is willing to stand strong and advocate the thoughts and ideas of the citizens, the voters.

I have enjoyed serving the Republican voters in the Valley along with Dr. Kurt Michael. I urge everyone to come out and vote for the grassroots--vote Kurt Michael.

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