Wednesday, April 09, 2008

LTE: Keith Drake endorses Kurt Michael for Augusta GOP Chair

As a fellow Republican Senate District Chairman (and a recently former county chairman covering part of Senator Hanger’s 24th Senate District), I enthusiastically endorse Augusta Republican Committee Chairman (ACRC) Kurt Michael for re-election. Over the years I have worked with Chairman Michael, I have found no one more dedicated to the preservation of core conservative values.

I am told Senator Hanger campaigned against the Staunton Chair last week in the re-election bid with automated phone calls. I am happy to learn the chairman was re-elected by an overwhelming 58 to 20 margin, despite Senator Hanger’s efforts.

Now he is employing the same tactics against Chairman Kurt Michael, with more phone calls and negative personal comments. These actions are divisive, and should be below the dignity of a Republican Senator.

Under Kurt Michael's leadership, the ACRC was awarded the 2006 "Outstanding Unit" award by the Republican Party of Virginia (before last year's primary). However, Senator Hanger said in a March 23 article in The News Virginian that Kurt Michael's leadership "has been 'divisive for some time.'" I am curious what has changed in that one-year period (other than the primary) that compels Senator Hanger to make this claim about Kurt Michael’s leadership.

I urge Augusta County Republicans to support Kurt Michael in his re-election bid Thursday night at the Augusta County Government Center. A vote for Kurt Michael is a vote for core conservative values, and for a Chairman who relentlessly promotes them.

Keith C. Drake, Ph.D.
Former Chairman, Albemarle Republicans (2001-2008)
Chairman, 25th Republican Legislative Senate District
Chairman, 58th Republican Legislative House District

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