Thursday, October 09, 2008

Augusta County: Pastures Supervisor Pyles wants to delay home reassessments

Last night's Board of Supervisors meeting in Augusta County saw Pastures Supervisor Tracy Pyles walk out after he was shut down by board chairman David Beyeler and not allowed to further address his recommendation.

Mr. Pyles proposed delaying real estate reassessments for two years due to the unsettled economy and depressed house prices. Augusta County had delayed mailing the reassessments for a month after the federal financial bailout to see if the markets stabilized, with plans for those to go out in November.

I was not at last night's meeting so cannot speak from a personal point of view. However, Mr. Pyles, who happens to be my supervisor and a Democrat, is a stickler for fiscal responsibility, something I have always admired. I call him "Mr. Numbers" because he pours over spread sheets and crunches the bottom line.

One supervisor said he wanted time to read the information Mr. Pyles passed out. That's fair. On the other hand, I am not sure why Mr. Beyeler would shut down discussion. In the words of a lawyer friend in Northern Virginia, "Discussion is always good," and she never wants to cut it off. However, not being at the meeting, I don't know the reasons.

It should be interesting at the next meeting on October 22nd.

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