Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Never give in" ... blogging and campaign clean-up

Blogging has to be sporatic while we gather in signs and do the final campaign work that is necessary after an election. Later I want to delve into the stats and write about many issues as the opportunity presents itself.

Meanwhile, a recurring theme I've read in liberal blogs is that Republicans lost the election because they went too far right.


Republicans lost their way and did not stand up for their conservative values but, instead, listened to the liberal left and tried to become more central.

Sarah Palin is unabashedly conservative, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment ... and she drew HUGE crowds to her campaign speeches.

For my 81-year-old mother to attend the Sarah Palin rally where she had to walk a quarter mile to get in line and stand, waiting to get in ... all without knowing if she would find a seat once inside ... is amazing because she has had health issues for several years. That was how badly she wanted to see Governor Palin ... that is how much she wanted to wave her Chick sign and show her support.

The rising star of the Republican Party is Sarah Palin. Did she drag down the GOP ticket? No way! She was the one who buoyed it ... she was the one who generated so much energy and excitement from the grassroots ... she was the one whom we could identify with as a mom, wife, everyday person.

Sarah Palin from Alaska, that land of common sense, and Joe the Plumber are the face of the future of the Republican Party.

My husband is a Teamster truck driver. His union backed Obama and hit us with a barrage of mailings and robo-calls the past two months -- spent millions! Yet an estimated 40% of Teamsters are reportedly Republican. My husband is the face of the Republican Party that the Democrats claim as all their own -- a blue collar, hard-working Union man who has hard-core conservative beliefs, similar to Todd Palin.

A friend who is hard-core conservative is a builder ... I am a homemaker ... another friend is a house painter. We are the Republican Party.

Watch for great things to rise from the ashes of our 2008 defeat ... conservative leaders will rise who understand that when we stick to our conservative values we win elections. When we compromise and try to be like the Democrats, we lose.

I am an optimist so this is but a bump in the road to me. The trolls can stop leaving nasty, gloating comments on my blog because they are not affecting me. Many of them were sore losers in 2000 and 2004 ... now they are sore winners needing a big dose of good manners and civility.

I believe in the words of Winston Churchill:
"This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never -— in nothing, great or small, large or petty —- never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." (29 October 1941, Harrow School)
Never give in....

Yankee Phil has some similar thoughts about Sarah Palin.


Misfit410 said...

Amen to that, these very liberals toss around the term "Neo-Con" when referring to Bush and McCain, they openly admit that being a Neo-Con is the trait that is worst in these two men. NeoConservatism means a Conservative that has sold out to many Liberal values.

So if a half Liberal is as bad as they claim, what will a whole liberal do?

Steve Harkonnen said...

I believe that the GOP has a lot of work ahead of them, and you were right about us trying to be more centrish - take for example John McCain.

I don't think he was tough enough and portrayed far too many liberal traits. Besides, his way would've meant more illegal immigrants instead of less, so yes, the GOP needs to learn from their mistakes.

Others might blame us paleocons for McCain losing the election, but no, it is the paleocons who merely want change in the party and for them to get tougher candidates.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Palin from Alaska, that land of common sense, and Joe the Plumber are the face of the future of the Republican Party."

Are you kidding me?
You must enjoy losing elections.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I am not kidding ... and we are already working on the next election. When we run conservative candidates, we win.

In the words of Fred Barnes, "Sarah Palin is the rising star of the Republican Party."

This is but a bump in the road. When the Democrats flounder, we will be back in play.

Unknown said...

thanks for link