Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President George W. Bush to join Move America Forward's "TroopAThon"

Move America Forward's second annual "TroopAThon" Care Package Drive is coming up on June 25. Last year was a booming success ... let's do it again!

This year President George W. Bush will join some of the biggest names in conservative politics to support the troops:
Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sean Hannity, Melanie Morgan, Buzz Aldrich, Michelle Malkin, Jon Voight, and Gen. David Petraeus.
Right now - as you read this email - there are over 100,000 men and women of the United States military who are serving overseas in Iraq & Afghanistan. They were not drafted to serve, they volunteered on their own free will to serve the country they love and respect.

Now an all-star lineup of conservative leaders, patriotic celebrities, and pro-troop advocates are teaming up for a historic effort: to send the largest shipment of care packages to U.S. troops serving overseas in history. And they need your help!

Right now our troops are in a foreign land away from their families, friends and loved ones. Their efforts - and their successes in undertaking their missions - are rarely reported in the news. It seems only bad news catches our attention. But each day our military men and women selflessly serve this nation with honor - and we ask you to join with us in showing your support for their service to this nation.

Some of our troops will never come home from their missions. Others of them will forever be impacted by the dark side of war that comes as part of the price some pay in serving this nation bravely and honorably.

We are asking YOU as a fellow patriotic American to join with us in sending this message to our troops: We will ALWAYS appreciate you and your service... we will NEVER take for granted the risks you face or those who have given their lives in service to this nation.

So please, join with us in this historic effort to shower our troops with tens of thousands of care packages. When you sponsor a care package we'll assemble it with a box full of goodies, send a personalized note FROM YOU, and send it direct to a unit serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Here are the packages you can choose to sponsor -- we've ordered them from the largest to the smallest. Please send the largest/most generous care package you can afford to send ... every little bit will help touch the lives of our troops:
--BATTALION CARE PACKAGE - Our largest care package
--COMPANY CARE PACKAGE - Serves a complete company of U.S. Troops
--PLATOON CARE PACKAGE - Serves a complete Platoon of U.S. Troops
--SQUAD CARE PACKAGE - Serves a complete Squad of U.S. Troops
--LARGE CARE PACKAGE - Serves several U.S. Troops
--SMALL CARE PACKAGE - Serves two U.S. Troops
Our final push will be on June 25, 2009, when we conduct our second annual "Honor Their Service" TroopAThon. You can learn more about this effort - HERE.

Thanks so much. It really means a lot to us here that you took a moment and made the effort to show our troops serving overseas - our fellow Americans - that you care.

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