Monday, June 15, 2009

That didn't take long

~ Barack Obama sends out support letter for Creigh Deeds ~

From: President Barack Obama
Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 4:33 PM
Subject: Creigh Deeds for Virginia

Friend --

Last Tuesday, Creigh Deeds won the Democratic primary for Governor of Virginia. In a hard-fought race, Creigh ran a terrific campaign and beat two fierce competitors by winning votes in every corner of the Commonwealth.

I know a thing or two about tough primaries, and I know a thing or two about running tough races in Virginia. Creigh Deeds' victory once again shows the power of people at the grassroots to win elections and bring about lasting change -- and he will be a better candidate this fall because of his hard work to win the nomination.

Creigh has been a dedicated public servant his entire life. As a county prosecutor and state legislator, he's been a strong advocate for economic development, high-quality education, and affordable health care -- and he's gone to great lengths to protect the environment and institute smart public transportation.

Now he needs your help to make sure Democrats retain the Virginia governorship. Please visit his website and get involved today.

Creigh has an ability to bring people together, build consensus and deliver results. He will bring the same bipartisan, pragmatic approach to politics that former Governor and now Senator Mark Warner and my friend Governor Tim Kaine used to help Virginia move forward over the past eight years.

I know that approach works because I've spent some time in your great Commonwealth. In my experience, Democratic candidates with a pragmatic approach to solving problems can be successful. That's the approach my campaign took last November to put Virginia in the Democratic column for the first time since 1964. And that's how Creigh Deeds will win this fall.

Learn more about Creigh, and get involved today:

I look forward to working with Creigh to keep the Commonwealth strong and to bring about the economic recovery and renewed prosperity Virginians demand and deserve.


President Barack Obama

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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Anonymous said...

I think this election may leave the dems scratching there heads. They keep bragging about he victories last november. But we have to remember a lot of voters came to vote for Obama and just voted dem down the ticket. That is what happened here in Harrisonburg there was a massive turn out of JMU students who voted for Obama and just voted dem down the ticket. Obama brought them out and the local dem candidates reaped the reward. This time around there isnt the Obama draw. Just look at GA with Chambliss and Martin, on election day Martin darn near got it. But if you look at the run off a month later Martin lost big. Again there wasnt the draw of Obama to get people to the polls.

Anonymous said...

why in the world does this bother you?

Charlie Bishop said...

Yeah. He knows a thing or two about "tough primaries".

He knows how to leak damaging "evidence" about an opponent in order to win said "tough primary".

What he knows, and what Brian Moran tried, are one and the same.

Dave said...

Let's hope the White House send Joe Biden to Campaign for Deeds.