Saturday, July 25, 2009

Live-blogging the Homestead debate ... #5

McDonnell is rebutting the judicial question.

Middle part of debate - candidates question one another and online questions through

McD: Your parents made you a "Creigh" but you could have been a "Bob." (riotous laughter throughout) - Cap-and-trade are major issues at federal level which many feel is really bad policy including me. Talked with plant leaders yesterday who are fighting against cap-and-trade which will put them at horrible disadvantage with China and other countries when we lose our jobs. Will you sign a letter with me asking Webb and Warner to vote against this?

Deeds: Avoiding question; confident that whatever passes will protect the secret ballot. It will not impugn VA's ranking to do business. Cap-and-trade - let's talk about that: climate change is a serious issue and we need to take up global warming issue. Recession puts business at disadvantage. (avoiding question) Boucher did yeoman's work to protect VA business. (avoiding question) Need to talk about what's going on around the breakfast table. (avoiding question) Need to think of energy policy, focus on saving VA businesses, etc.

McD: Answer I heard was no, won't join me in phone call or letter. Need a gov that agrees that 10th amendment is alive and well, close to the people. As gov of VA if there are policies generated at federal level that hurt VA, I will stand up against it. Will stand up against cap-and-trade and you won't take a stand for 1500 jobs in your district so how will VA be confident you will work for jobs? Governor needs to take a stand that if it's wrong for VA, it's wrong!

Rebuttal - Deeds: Accusing McD of not understanding rural part of VA and tossed the question back to McD so McD is not taking that time to respond by against telling all the good he has done for Virginia. Stood up for what he did as AG; his job was the follow the law, not make it up. Virginians want less taxes, less regulations for strong economy and working climate. Dedicate full time commerce secretary for economic development which will help SW VA and South Central VA. Top priority to help those areas.

Deeds: Been in legislature for 18 years. McD voted for increased fees in legislature. (hand gestures)

Deeds question: Bob, last month you said our model for governing was George W. Bush. Where have you been the past eight years?

McD: After 9/11, our country was at risk of attack and everyone rallied together. President Bush did a good job keeping America safe after that. Put together significant tax cuts to help the American people and stimulate the economy and it worked. Cuts are going to go away in 2011 with Obama if not kept in place and will hurt VA families. People will have to find other places to live because of the death tax. Don't agree with everything that Pres Bush did but this Congress is pushing legislation that will cripple America. Micromanaging AIG and GM, socialized medicine - they are wrong.

Rebuttal Deeds: (snide remark) - Bob McDonnell is responding to questions; Deeds is baiting him with snide remarks. This is the tone of our gubernatorial race for the next four months? We are all patriots when under attack but need to protect rights of workplace and agrees with card check.

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