Sunday, July 05, 2009

SWAC House* 4th of July blast ... a Marine in Iraq: "Freedom Isn't Free"

Nate with the "Welcome Home" flags in 2007
after first deployment to Iraq.

Nate with "Welcome Home" sign in 2007.


Cpl. Nate Salatin, USMC, at work in Iraq.

There was someone missing from this year's Independence Day cookout ... but his parents and siblings were there ... and we all remembered him before the blessing.

Cpl. Nate Salatin, USMC, was at last year's cookout (and previous years). But this year he spent the 4th of July in Iraq on his second deployment on the other side of the world. On a day when we paused to be thankful for our independence, we were reminded that Freedom Is Not Free.

Military veterans in attendance were recognized including those who served in World War II, Korean War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Southeast Asia/Vietnam War.

We are thankful to those who protect our freedom and to their families who hold down the home front.

Prayers go up for Nate and his family. Semper Fi.

* "SWAC House" coined by Yankee Phil in his post about the cookout

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