Sunday, July 05, 2009

SWAC House* 4th of July blast ... part 2

David (Augusta Conservative) & Mike (Fishersville Mike).
Not pictured is Yankee Phil (see his post about the cookout).

SWAC Daughter talks with my step-dad and Fonda.

Kelly and Fonda

Alice and Mr. Chester

Alex serves a guest. He manned the grill along with
SWAC Son Matt and brother-in-law Jon.

Two little patriotic cuties.

Larry & Barb

The shirt says it all.

Andrea and Kenny shared a table with the Salatins whose son, Nate, is currently in Iraq with the USMC.

A tradition is SWAC Daughter's flag cake.

* "SWAC House" coined by Yankee Phil in his post about the cookout

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Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
July 3, 2009

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