Friday, July 10, 2009

TX Gov. Perry defends AK Gov. Palin on national radio

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was on Glenn Beck's national radio show today defending Gov. Sarah Palin and her decision to step down as governor of Alaska.

Gov. Perry also talked about his state's defense of the 10th Amendment, their low unemployment rate hovering around 6% at a time when the national unemployment rate is 9.5%, highest since 1983 (and some believe it is actually at 20%), and the multi-million dollar surplus his state enjoys, even with no state income tax, at a time when California is broke and other states are floundering.

Gov. Palin endorsed Gov. Perry earlier this year and will be campaigning for him leading up to his 2010 reelection. It seems appropriate that the Republican governors from the two states with probably the most independent-thinking constituents would support one another.

Republicans supporting Republicans....

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