Friday, July 10, 2009

The verbal suicide bombers on the left must stop savaging Sarah Palin

"The lynching of conservatives must stop. The verbal suicide bombers on the left must stop. The ideological bigotry must stop.

If it does not, payback against the liberals will be bloody, as they reap what they sowed.
--The Tigyrrrr Express blog
Sarah Palin, savaged by liberals as well as some in her own Party, has said enough is enough and is stepping aside as Governor of Alaska.

That's sad.

Gov. Palin is a strong, intelligent, hard-working conservative woman who is not an inside-the-beltway insider. In other words, she's a person ... not a politician.

Guess what. Most of us are not inside-the-beltway insiders. We're everyday people who believe in hard work, paying our own way, standing up for what we believe in, and being civil about it. That is why we identify with Sarah Palin. She loves her God, country, husband and children, raises her kids, has a son in Iraq fighting for our freedoms, hunts and fishes ... she's one of us.

Perhaps every person in the Lower 48 should visit Alaska. It's a different land ... residents are survivalists and individuals who do not depend on the government or anyone else because, after all, in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness there is no one else to turn to but yourself. They are independent and unencumbered by the narrow thinking of most in the Lower 48.

Why do those who are intimidated by Gov. Palin and others like her feel they must sink to the politics of personal destruction? Being accused of frivilous, false charges is time-consuming, a waste of time and expensive as she defended herself over and over, causing a financial drain on herself and her state.

Read this excellent post by Eric at The Tigyrrrr Express. It says what many are thinking.


Bob K. said...

The Neanderthal Sport of Palin Bashing [click to read] was something I noticed pretty early in the campaign. I really hoped that nobler sentiments would supress it.

Andrew Clem said...

"being civil about it" -- very funny.