Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 Taxpayer Protest March on DC ... photos part 2

The Capitol is visible in the background, the destination of thousands upon thousands who marched down Pennesylvania Avenue on 9/12/09.

Many Texas folks were with us ... the Lone Star flag could be seen throughout the crowds.
Roanoke Valley, VA, Patriots ... "Join the 912 Project."
Roanoke Valley, VA, Patriots.
The sheer number of conservative protesters was amazing!
Barb takes a photo of 9/12 March volunteers. We thanked them ... they did a great job!
He walked with a cane ... but he walked the entire length of the march on Pennsylvania Avenue while carrying his sign.
They fought for this country when the world was in danger ... they helped this country prosper ... and now they are fighting for this country again.

Many military veterans were with us including those who have fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom during our current war on terrorism.

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