Sunday, February 21, 2010

Afghanistan: "Karzai expects zero civilian casualties – maybe Marines should just use harsh language to win"

It's criminal at a time of war what is going on in Afghanistan with our troops and the restrictive Rules of Engagement they are expected to observe to limit civilian casualties.

David Work wrote about it in David Horowitz's Newreal:
In this World War, as in the Vietnam War, the pressure on our troops from our Leftist Press Corps, and from Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, to not harm anyone on the sidelines is predictably ratcheting upward. Today’s L.A. Times features a photo (above) of an Afghan man whose father was shot dead during the Battle of Marjah, where U.S. Marines are already under Rules of Engagement (ROE) that are crippling their ability to fight and win. The report immediately indicts U.S., British and Afghan forces with the deaths of twenty-four innocent civilians. And that is the major thrust of the story.

That the world becomes so tearful when twenty-four unfortunate bystanders lose their lives during war-time combat operations is just astonishing when you consider that World War II snuffed out an estimated 55 million lives. In some battles, such as at Normandy, the casualties ran into the thousands within the first day. During the Allied bombing of Dresden, Germany, an estimated thirty thousand perished in one night. Please. Spare me. I get so tired of reading this kind of stuff. It’s a war. People get killed in wars. Wars are terrible. The way to not have people killed is to not get involved in wars.
In my opinion, it is unfair to send our military forces into combat situations such as Afghanistan (far more dangerous than Iraq) and tie their hands behind their backs. They are getting killed.

The ROE should apply only after those who made the rules have practiced them on the battlefield themselves....

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