Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another successful SWAC Conservative Breakfast

Local conservative leader Kurt Michael led another successful SWAC Conservative Round Table Breakfast in a room packed with 55 people.

Suzanne Curran demonstrated as she talked about her experience at the Tea Party Nation Convention earlier this month.

The back dining area of Shoney's was packed to capacity Saturday as local conservatives came out to hear Suzanne Curran of Shenandoah County pass along information about her exciting experience at the Tea Party Nation Convention in Nashville earlier this month.

Many familiar faces ... some new faces ... many new to the political process ... these folks were there to hear the issues, express the conservative principles we believe in, and soak in the positive atmosphere as they laughed, cheered, and applauded throughout Suzanne's remarks.

The Shenandoah Conservative "Call to Action" breakfast was held afterwards at 10:00 in Mt. Jackson so Suzanne left Staunton and arrived to address the 35 folks who were there to hear from her and Alan Louderback. I had to miss that one but heard it was another wonderful gathering.
A number of local folks attended CPAC in Washington so we hope to hear from them when they return. More about breakfast and other photos to come....

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
20 February 2010

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Unknown said...

The Scouts had an event up in New Hope. Wanted to be there.