Saturday, February 13, 2010

Citizen Tom analyzes blogger response to tea party convention

Amid all the reactions to last weekend's Tea Party Nation convention in Nashville, one thing was certain: Just about everyone had an opinion about the energized Americans known as tea party patriots, and Sarah Palin.

Tom has reactions from the Virginia blogosphere right, left, and center, and then offers his own well-thought out analysis. He concludes with this:
If you want to find out for yourself what the Tea Party movement stands for, I suggest three things.
1. Read the Declaration of Independence. That document says why we need government. Note two things. God endowed us with our rights. Government exists only so we have the means to protect our rights from each other.

2. Look up the Federal budget. Then read the U. S. Constitution. Can you figure out where the Constitution authorizes our elected leaders to spend all the money they are spending?

3. Go to a Tea Party. People are having them all over the country.
A commenter at Hot Air blog wrote:
Obama can bring tea Party anger on a moment's notice, so the anger is simmering below the surface.

A million Tea Partiers marched on DC on 9/12, and they were ignored by the Media and for a short while by Congress.

So, the Tea Partiers marched to the voting booths. It was so much fun, I think they’re going to do it again.

Once again to the voting booths, with more vigor and loud noises, that even Obama may hear it this time, all the way inside the Whitehouse Surroundsound.

Can you hear me yet? Hellooooo....
This movement continues to grow, and Election Day, November 2, 2010, is looming. Democrats criticize and ridicule these conservative citizens at their own peril. On November 3, how many elected officials will be left standing?

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