Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daytona funny of the day

Whenever Darrell Waltrip is around, it's hard to find just one funny of the day ... but I found this one to be particularly humorous so late in the Daytona race.

Today's race has seen delays because of asphalt failure on the track due to extensive rains, opening a hole that needed to be repaired. This has caused the race to stretch out much longer than expected and, as the drivers restarted again around 6:30 p.m., this funny of the day came from none other than DW:
"I've had breakfast here ... lunch here ... and dinner here. I'm a little worried there's a Monday morning paper here."
It got a hearty laugh at our house.

Update: The marathon race finally finished around 7:35 pm with an emotional Jamie McMurray as the winner who said he held it together until he saw his dad ... and then the tears flowed. He interviewed with the Fox News sports guy and concluded by saying, "I want to be with my team."

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