Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Beck brings down the house at CPAC

"Without failure, there is no sweetness in success."
--Glenn Beck, CPAC, February 20, 2010

Fox News carried Glenn Beck's speech at CPAC live ... and what a speech it was! He had the crowd on its feet as he hammered on principles that are plain old common sense which is why his message resonates with so many everyday Americans.

Among the many excellent points he made ...

- When America is made up of 40% conservatives, 36% moderates, and 20% liberals ... how is it that the minority rules the majority?

- Liberals know how to package their message in a way that America buys it, then opens the package, and says, "I don't want that."

- He received a standing ovation when he said, "Without failure, there is no sweetness in success."

- We have the right to pursue happiness ... but no on is guaranteed happiness.

- We don't have a right to housing, health care, or handouts.

- As government grows, we give our freedoms away. We're pricing ourselves out of the American dream.

- He attended one semester -- one class -- in college. Why? Because he couldn't afford it. However, he never felt he was owed an education.

- The American people are not the bad guys. We don't need to be told to be charitable ... we some of the most giving people on earth. In 2008, Americans gave $307 billion to charities, ten times more than the giving power of the people of France.

- He said, "Don't tell me we should be more like Europe. Europe should be looking over here!" [Chants of USA, USA, USA from crowd]

- There is no cap on success in America.

- All men are created equal in America. Not all men will end up equal.

- We need less Marx and more Madison to restore America.

- Not everyone gets a trophy. Start correcting school work in red ink again.

- Our rights were given to us by God. When someone tries to take away those rights, a warning bell goes off. That's what America is feeling right now ... a big warning bell going off.

Check out the article by Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner.
Maybe one of these years I'll get to CPAC and catch the excitement of being in the middle of such a conservative group of Americans. Until then, there's lots of coverage from bloggers and mainstream media.

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