Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, George Washington

~Virginia Founding Father first American President~

When I was a little girl attending Chesterfield County public schools, we celebrated George Washington's birthday by remembering this great American and Virginian who was our first American president, a Virginia statesman, leader of the revolution against Britain, and a farmer at Mt. Vernon.

It was traditional to have cherry pie (because George cut down a cherry tree), hear a lesson about always being truthful (because George didn't lie about cutting down the cherry tree), color pictures of a youthful George Wasington as our teacher read to us, and learn about the Founding Fathers, colonial times, and early Virginia.

His birthday is blurred these days, rolled into "Presidents Day" that was held a week ago. Will his accomplishments in the founding of this country become blurred, too, as we revise American history for future generations.

In our home school classroom, we celebrated George Washington's birthday with many of those fun activities I remembered as a child as we enjoyed both American and Virginia history. It was the theme for the day at our house.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

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Paul said...

Nice of you to remember our first president. Good job. Thank you.