Saturday, February 27, 2010

Parts of Virginia under State of Emergency

The old family home place in Grayson County is under a state of emergency declared by Gov. Bob McDonnell as heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions cause drifting, low visibility, and low temperatures. High on the knob, the old cabin that has weathered winter storms for over a hundred years is probably creaking in the wind of this latest weather blast.

From southwest Virginia to Highland County just west of Augusta, residents have dealt with snow and wind since Thursday, and the storm is expected to continue until Sunday.

Residents have been warned that power outages are possible ... and I think of the old cabin that had no electricity ... just a fireplace ... and water was hauled from the nearby spring. The high winds would probably cause snow to sift through cracks in the outside walls ... family members would layer heavy clothing to keep warm.

The National Guard is on standby and people are being urged to stay off the roads unless it's absolutely necessary to go out. Virginians in the affected areas can check road conditions before they leave home by calling 511 or logging in to 9-1-1 should only be used in case of a life-threatening emergency.

The Governor's office sent out emergency information:
- Winter weather preparedness
- Generator & emergency heat safety tips

A hundred years ago on a knob in Grayson County, Virginia, you relied on yourself, your family, and maybe neighbors ... but mostly you relied on yourself.

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