Saturday, February 27, 2010

Summit: Obama loves hearing his own voice

He's known to be long-winded and a grandstander, and his appearance at the health care summit was no exception. The Washington Times reports:
President Obama pledged to "listen" at the outset of his much-ballyhooed bipartisan health care summit on Thursday. Turns out he meant he'd be listening to his own voice.

By the end of the televised event, Mr. Obama had spoken for 119 minutes - nine minutes more than the 110 minutes consumed by 17 Republicans. The 21 Democratic lawmakers used 114 minutes, giving the president and his supporters a whopping 233 minutes, according to a "talk clock" kept by GOP aides.
Let's list that out:

- Republicans: 110 minutes
- Democrat Obama: 119 minutes
- Democrats: 114 minutes
- Total: Republicans 110 ... Democrats 233

Obama apparently does not see anything wrong with his side receiving twice as much time as the Republicans in what was supposed to be a give-and-take conference. When Republicans protested the lopsided time difference, Obama said he was the president and his time didn't count.

And we have three more years of this administration....

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