Friday, March 12, 2010

Bearing Drift ... the magazine

Don't know where he found the time but JR Hoeft has put together a Bearing Drift Magazine with help from his friends, and the first issue is out featuring an in-depth interview with Gov. Bob McDonnell, contributing articles from bloggers Brian Kirwin, Georgie Gale, and Krystle Weeks, and snark from Ward Smythe. Great stuff which just illustrates even more the vast array of talent available in the Virginia blogosphere. Congratulations to JR and crew!


J.R.Hoeft said...

Thanks much! Lots of great people worked very hard on getting this issue of the ground...including most of the Jeffersoniad for encouraging it.

I hope we get some submissions from "SWAC Girl" for future issues!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

You are all over the place, Jim! The magazine is a great addition not only to BD but also to the Virginia blogosphere. SWAC Girl would love to submit something in the future.... Thanks for the opportunity.

Keep up the good work providing "politics on demand." :)