Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy treats to all!

Halloween 2010 ... the tradition continues. We were prepared Saturday night for anyone who did not want to go out on Sunday night, but had no one show up.

5:00 pm ... this afternoon before darkness fell we were visited by our first trick-or-treater who was dressed as a soccer player. Since his older brother didn't accompany him this year, extra treats were dropped in his bag to share when he returned home.

6:45 pm ... it's dark outside and five neighbor children, pleasant and polite, stopped by to pick up treats. They were siblings accompanied by their older sister ... a cowgirl, a princess, a soccer player, a cat, and a fairy. Extra treats for all!

9:30 ... we finally put out the jack-o-lanterns and turned off the porch light. Only six little trick-or-treaters visited this year, down from our usual eight. It was fun to see the ones who made the journey. Halloween 2010 is over.

It's hard to believe October is finished ... it always passes too quickly ... and tomorrow marks the first day of November. Autumn has once again been beautiful ... spending time with family and friends has been especially meaningful this year.

Autumn continues in the Shenandoah Valley....

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