Saturday, October 02, 2010

Liberals plan protest in DC

Politico has comments about today's planned protest in DC by paid protesters (free bus ride, free Metro fare, free lunch, free t-shirt), Democrats, leftists, liberals, progressives, unions, Code Pink, and just about any other liberal group you can name. They are hoping to rival the hundreds of thousands that turned out for the Beck rally several weeks ago. Maybe they need to understand that freedom isn't free....

I wrote about the Paid ideological astroturf ... left wing protest in DC this Saturday in the Washington Examiner and commented:
What a contrast. Conservatives' principles and love for God and country have made them stand up, speak out, and sacrifice to attend events in the nation's capital and elsewhere. Thousands of "tea party" rallies have taken place nationwide the past 18 months.

On September 12, 2009, fed up with eight months of the Democrats and President Barack Obama spending hand-over-fist and in the process of trying to jam through nationalized health care, six bus loads of Virginians from the Shenandoah Valley headed to Washington, DC. They were not angry but, rather, concerned about the future of the country for their children and grandchildren. It was the day America went to Washington.
The rest of the post is over at the WaExaminer....

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