Saturday, October 02, 2010

Live blogging the Republican Round-Up ... part 4

Councilwoman Kristin Forrester, voted onto Dumfries city council in 2009, stopped by Bloggers Row to say hello. 

Seventh District Chairman Linwood Cobb rallied the crowd when he walked on stage and called out, "Are you ready to retire Nancy Pelosi?"

A huge roar arose from the crowd: "YEAH!!!" and applause.

He continued, "The best way to retire Nancy Pelosi is to reelect Eric Cantor to Congress!" Huge cheers and applause from the crowd of 4,500.

He introduced elected officials at the event ... former Lt. Governor John Hager was there.

Henrico Commonwealth Atty Wade Kiser, Del. John Cox, Del. Jimmy Massey, Goochland Board of Supervisors member, Henrico Board of Supervisor members, Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade, a member of the Front Royal town council, Richmond City Council member Bruce Tyler, and Willie Gentry of Louisa town council.

Next was introduction of local party unit chairs, the volunteers who keep things going ... Richmond City GOP Chair Cortland Putbrese, Henrico GOP Chair David Johnson, Chesterfield GOP Chair Donald Williams, Hanover GOP Chair Angela Kelly-Wiesek, Spotsylvania County GOP Chair Steve Thomas, Louisa GOP Chair Bob Ormond, Madison GOP Chair John Tucker.

Holding his notes in his hand, Linwood joked about Obama taking all the teleprompters in town when he visited Richmond earlier in the week, to laughter from the crowd.

Invocation was by a Henrico GOP volunteer. The Wood family led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Wood is a Henrico County police officer, and his wife is the Henrico Sheriff's daughter.

Then Linwood began his introduction of Congressman Cantor, to an enthusiastic crowd that clapped and cheered:

"This country is quickly becoming a place we don't recognize anymore. Eric Cantor has not only said NO, he has said HECK NO to government-mandated health care, card check (listed other issues in DC) ... and the assault continues. ... This will change when we send him back to D.C. not as minority Whip but as majority leader!" (huge roar of approval and applause)

"Congressman Eric Cantor!"


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