Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'm such a history geek and other thoughts....

I'm a born-and-raised Virginian. I think that has something to do with my inner history geek. We in the Commonwealth live in the midst of history ... our nation's birth was on our soil ... many of the Founding Fathers lived and governed here ... eight U.S. presidents were Virginians.

See what I mean? History, pure and simple. Monticello, Mt. Vernon, the Virginia state capitol and executive mansion, Revolutionary and Civil War battlegrounds, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown. We have Atlantic Ocean beaches and mountains ... Shenandoah National Park and proximity to DC ... and one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Besides, Virginia is for lovers and I've got to ask ... what's not to love?

This morning I attended an education meeting at the Frontier Culture Museum located in Staunton. A gem in the Shenandoah Valley, this outdoor teaching museum is home to original and recreated farmsteads from the Old World countries of Ireland, Germany, England, and Western Africa, and the New World American farms from the 1820s and 1860s that includes houses, barns, outbuildings, gardens, and a one room school house. With plans to expand and grow, the Frontier Culture Museum will be a hands-on learning experience for generations to come.

As I listened to staff discuss ways to reach out more into the community and schools and flesh out offerings for the communities with SOLs and summer camps, I saw a dedicated group of historians desiring to provide the best opportunity to reach as many people as possible. It's our history ... it's the story of America. The fact it is located right here in Virginia adds to the historical significance of our Commonwealth.

I thought again about what a history geek I am....

While out and about....

It's a mini heat-wave outside today on this Groundhog Day of 2011. Well, it's mid-50s which isn't exactly a heat wave except it feels like it after snow and cold. We could hear last night's rain pounding on the roof as it poured down and, surprisingly, there was still snow on the ground this morning. However, most has since melted in the mid-afternoon warmth.

The central Shenandoah Valley is under a wind advisory until midnight and, indeed, the wind is b-l-u-s-t-e-r-y out there, whipping against my vehicle as I drove the loop around Staunton. Garbage cans can be seen rolling across streets and leaves are swirling into the air as branches dance and sway in the 20-30 mph winds with occasional gusts up to 50 mph especially along the mountain ridges. The wind is whistling around doors and widows ... our "Let It Snow" flag blew down (or maybe my spring-loving neighbor Vonda hid it behind the bushes!).

Community awareness ... there's a fire and rescue input meeting tonight for Augusta County residents at 7:00 at the Government Center in Verona. The Waynesboro News Virginian wrote in today's paper, "A state study group charged with evaluating fire and rescue services in Augusta County will hear the public’s input tonight at 7 at the Augusta County Government Center. A seven-member panel put together by the Virginia Department of Fire Programs is visiting all fire and rescue facilities in Augusta County today through Saturday." 

The groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning so he proclaimed an early spring. We'll see if Mother Nature was listening. I'm sure there is plenty more winter left in the Shenandoah Valley because, after all, it's only the second day of February which can be one of the volatile months of the year. Don't put those mittens away yet ... the groundhog may not have the last word on winter 2011.

It's winter in the Shenandoah Valley....

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