Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg hunt and other fun in the Shenandoah Valley

 Mr. & Mrs. Chocolate Bunny
 E. Bunny left goodies for the kids.
 The festive table was compliments of my mom who brought the spring-colored plates and cups.

 Bright-colored icings were used on Easter cookies and egg-shaped cakes. Everyone contributed by adding their own decorative flair to individual creations. My sister baked the cakes and SWAC Daughter baked the cookies.
 It's a yummy Easter sheep....
 SWAC Niece found something blooming near the woods as she headed to the swing in the back of the yard.
 SWAC Daughter retrieves an Easter egg from the Aspen tree during the annual egg hunt. What? You never heard of eggs in trees? You've never had SWAC Brother-in-Law hide eggs! Look at the trusty Ukrop's grocery bag in her hand.
 Pappaw helped hide the eggs.
Checking the loot inside the plastic eggs, treats from Mammaw who stuffed them with chocolates and money.

Mom watched the grandkids in the back yard on a beautiful Easter afternoon.

Photos by SWAC Daughter, SWAC Sister, & Lynn R. Mitchell
24 April 2011

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