Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frontier Culture Museum Wool Days ... April 20-23

 This is part of the peaceful walkway that winds its way throughout the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia along 1.5 miles of countryside that takes visitors to the English, Irish, German, and American farms as well as the West African Igbo village.
 Friday as I left a meeting in the Dairy Barn, there was a school bus in the parking lot that had brought a class of students to experience the hands-on activities at the Museum.
 The Virginia red buds are blooming (they actually look purple or deep pink) and are gorgeous throughout the Commonwealth including the Museum. That's the Octagonal Activity Barn that is available for rental.
There was a tour bus at the Museum on Friday, too.

Wool Days at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia are this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ... April 20-23, 2011. Come out and see the baby lambs, sheep shearing, wool carding, spinning ... and a friend who interprets at the English farm said she will be baking hot cross buns over the fire on Friday. Sounds like a good week to visit!

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
15 April 2011

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