Friday, April 29, 2011

It was a Milmont day....

 What's not to like in a sea of beautiful colorful flowers?
 Impatiens ... they are gorgeous in shady areas and perfect for my back yard.
 Early spring flowers were marked half-price at the entrance on Friday.

 Look at that view ... the Blue Ridge Mountains never fail to awe me.
 My cart of flowers ...
 ... and Barb's cart of flowers. This was our first run of the season ... we plant and then return to buy what we need to fill in the extra places.

Again ... what's not to love about that view? Flowers ... and then mountains....
Isn't he adorable?! In my yard, he could direct the nightly symphony of tree frogs in the woods behind the house.

It was time for Barb and me to make our annual trip to Milmont ... two flower lovers buying annuals to plant in flower pots and window boxes. After a long, leisurely lunch at McAlister's in Waynesboro, we drove the few miles to Milmont Nurseries in Stuarts Draft to search for just the right flowers.

We weren't disappointed, and the place was hopping with folks doing the same. Hanging baskets, planters, do-it-yourself four-packs, and vegetables were waiting inside the hot houses. Bushes, trees, and annuals were outside where the view looked across the fields to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Enjoying that scenery, I never fail to pinch myself as a reminder that I'm fortunate enough to call this beautiful place home.

I also picked up some veggie plants ... jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers. We'll plant seeds for most everything else.

The safe frost date for the Valley is May 15th so I'm not putting anything outdoors yet. They will be potted and kept close until I feel sure the cold or frost won't damage them.

It's always a good day in the Valley when it's a Milmont day....

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
29 April 2011

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