Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kaine embraces Obama and liberal policies

"I don't need to back away from anything." -- Tim Kaine 

Former Gov. Tim Kaine said today that he won't run from President Obama or his own record as he campaigns for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

"I don't need to back away from anything," Kaine told reporters in a news conference outside the state Capitol, his first meeting with reporters since he formally launched his Senate candidacy on Tuesday.
"Anything I've done is fair game," he said. "Folks can raise it. What I'll do is I'll say, 'Here's why I did it.' I ain't perfect. I hope I'm better tomorrow than I am today and I wake up every morning hoping that. But I feel very, very good about my record."
· Does that mean that Tim Kaine is OK with his decision to close 18 rest areas to "save" $9 million, while VDOT was sitting on more than $1 billion, all in the hope of pressuring the House of Delegates into raising the gas tax?

· Is Tim Kaine proud of the fact that he tried to force Virginians into choosing between higher income taxes or the end of Car Tax Relief?

· Does it also mean that Tim Kaine is still proud of helping Nancy Pelosi and President Obama pass a health care takeover that has been rejected by both Republicans AND Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly?
If Chairman Kaine truly doesn't see the need to back away from his record, then the voters will have no problem backing away from him in November.

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