Thursday, April 07, 2011

Poll: Allen up by 13 points over reluctant candidate Kaine

A newly released Roanoke College (Va) poll has Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen up 13 points over  Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine. The findings were:
George Allen: 45%
Tim Kaine: 32%
Kaine did Virginians no favor as governor, and he has been closely associated with Democratic President Barack Obama's liberal overreaching government policies including ObamaCare, something he claims to be proud of. In Virginia?

As he was preparing to leave the governorship, he proposed billions of dollars in new taxes with a budget that was billions in debt (a budget that was later balanced without new taxes by the newly-elected Gov. Bob McDonnell). He closed rest areas (claiming there was no money but newly-elected Gov. McDonnell authorized an audit of VDOT and found $1.45 billion tucked away) all while his banner was supposed to be transportation. Does Virginia really need more of that?

Check out Jim Hoeft's post at Bearing Drift ... "Kaine comes screaming out of the gates for Senate ... 13 points behind Allen".

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