Friday, April 08, 2011

Smitty links to Kaine post

Many thanks to Smitty at The Other McCain for linking to one of my posts about Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Thanks, also to Smitty, for his service to our country. I got a heads-up from fellow SWAC blogger Fishersville Mike who posted a neat thought. Thanks for the email and the link, Mike!

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ms said...

Kaine makes Webb look good. Ye gads, who did Virginia offend to get punished with Kaine? He was an absolutely lousy Governor, and now this nitwit wants to be our Senator? I remember Kaine's reign... no rest stops on Virginia's interstates. Yeah, thanks, Timmy.

Funny, Bob McDonnell's audit of VDOT found the money that "Pants on Fire" Kaine said wasn't there.