Thursday, November 08, 2012

Update: Photos of SWAC Election Night Party in downtown Staunton

Senator Emmett Hanger and Kurt Michael talked with people at the SWAC Election Night party held at the Clocktower Restaurant in downtown Staunton as election returns came in on the big screen TVs. Our thanks to Clocktower owners John and Kim for their hospitality in providing the back room and much of their technical equipment for our use. Thanks also to Kurt Michael and Jason Bibeau for their help in setting up the equipment, and to Jason for acting as DJ.

Senator Hanger and Augusta County Supervisor David Karaffa

Kurt Michael and Delegate Dickie Bell

The campaign master himself ... Karl Rove.

The live-blogging area -- thanks, Guys!

Anne and Dickie Bell

Senator Hanger prepares to address the crowd. Kurt Michael (center) helped facilitate the event and Jason Bibeau (right) was DJ and operated the overhead electoral map, filling in the states as they were announced for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Fox News reported about long lines at polls in Virginia.

David Karaffa on stage addressing the crowd in between return announcements. Jason was manning the laptops following Real Clear Politics, CNN, and Fox News online to see what states were being called.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte Skyped into the party around 8:30 p.m. and was projected on the big screen for all to see. By that time, CNN has announced that he had easily won re-election in the 6th District. The Congressman thanked everyone for their support and work.

Neighbors, book club friends, homeschoolers, church friends, long-time GOP volunteers, community leaders, business owners, active military, military veterans, law enforcement veterans, twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings, and others enjoyed being together. All watched what was hoped to be a celebration event but eventually turned into a disappointing evening when Governor Mitt Romney narrowly lost to the incumbent president.

Dickie Bell, Jason Bibeau, Kurt Michael

Pam Michael and Jason Bibeau studying the returns on multiple computer screens while I live-blogged the event. Bearing Drift colleagues in Richmond kept us up-to-date on what was going on at the Omni where Republicans were gathered hoping to have a victory to celebrate. The huge disappointments of the evening were the losses by Mitt Romney and George Allen, two class acts who poured their hearts and souls into getting their messages to the people.

My thanks to George and Susan Allen for everything they have done for Virginians over the years. Susan is a tireless worker who is a positive, uplifting representative for her husband. Her friendly smile and vibrant personality have always made her a popular guest at events around the state. George -- the Governor -- is a hard-working, principled, dedicated man who truly wanted to once again represent the citizens of our great Commonwealth.

Thank you to all the volunteers who unselfishly gave their time and energy to help our candidates. Thanks to all who came out to party together on such an important night for our country.

Meanwhile, SWAC Political Breakfast will continue to bring in speakers who have timely topics, candidates for public office, and elected officials. We're taking time off to enjoy the holidays so watch for details about January's SWAC Political Breakfast at our website or email to be added to the SWAC email distribution list.

George Allen:  "Keep the faith, keep working, and always stay strong for Freedom!"
Mitt Romney: Concession speech

Election results for SWAC (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County):

President: Mitt Romney 47%  /  Barack Obama 51%
U.S. Senate: George Allen 48% / Tim Kaine 52%
U.S. Congress: Bob Goodlatte 53% / Andy Schmookler 47%

President: Mitt Romney 55% / Barack Obama 44%
U.S. Senate: George Allen 55% / Tim Kaine 45%
U.S. Congress: Bob Goodlatte 60% / Andy Schmookler 40%

Augusta County:
President: Mitt Romney 70% / Barack Obama 28%
U.S. Senate: George Allen 71% / Tim Kaine 29%
U.S. Congress: Bob Goodlatte 75% / Andy Schmookler 25%

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