Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If it's idiotic for the GOP then it was idiotic for the dems

Raising Kaine considers a Republican oath an "idiotic" idea. Perhaps they do not remember that the Augusta County Democrats required a loyalty oath at their mass meeting last year. Is that idiotic, too?


Not Larry Sabato said...

I can't believe you think RK knows where Augusta County is, let alone what their Democrats are doing.

JohnMaxfield said...

I've learned to just give up trying to throw logic at them. While you're making obvious sense, all they're hearing is this--


SWAC Girl said...

NSL, I thought RK knew everything! You're telling me he isn't super RK?! ;) Seriously, I would think he would be very aware of where Augusta County is located (he is in Virginia, isn't he?).

Bottom line: Even if he didn't know, it happened. So if he thinks it's idiotic for the GOP to do it, he must think it's idiotic for the Augusta County Democrat Committee to do it (and any others statewide).

JohnMaxfield said...

Maybe RK will come over here and clear up this dispute.

But I doubt it.