Saturday, August 03, 2013

Richmond: More than 20,000 fans turn out for Redskins Fan Appreciation Day

Practice has begun here at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, and crowds are still lined up all the way to DMV Drive, waiting to enter the facility.

More than 20,000 fans have entered already today, though many have turned around and headed right back out after seeing the conditions. Mud and fertilizer has created a pungent smell in the main viewing area, and security guards have been overmatched against the throngs trying to enter and leave at the same time.
So writes Michael Phillips in Saturday's Richmond Times-Dispatch. Sounds to me like Richmonders are really enjoying having the Redskins in town. Fan favorite RGIII has been a hit:
During the practice portion, quarterback Robert Griffin III was once again the focal point, and he hit his first four passes during 7-on-7 play.
Perhaps the enthusiastic outpouring of support will help temper the criticism surrounding the move to Richmond. Perhaps. Meanwhile, Style Weekly lightens up the atmosphere with a humorous list of eight ways to spot a Redskins Training Camp tourist.

I checked out the Redskins' Facebook page and found photos, links to press conferences, rallies and gatherings at local restaurants, and more. Seems like a win-win for Richmond and the fans.

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