Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flash flood watch for Shenandoah Valley

Grab your umbrella! More details at


Sunset_Va said...


I really enjoy reading your blog, and especially your travels in Highland,Bath, and Augusta Counties. Those areas, plus Pocahontas County, WV are my favorite destination and dream spots in Virginia from my base in Pittsylvania County.The Allegheny Highlands are unique, so different than any other mountain area in a special way.

I am going to subscribe to your blog , not only for your articles about the region but also GOP topics too.

Pittsylvania County Va

Lynn Mitchell said...

Thanks, Bruce, for the kind words.

Come on over to where I'm doing the majority of my blogging these days. Some photos will still be posted at SWAC Girl but I'll probably eventually move everything to You're right ... those areas of Virginia and West Virginia that you mentioned are beautiful and I don't get there as much as I'd like.

GOP topics are most definitely posted at so come on over and join in the discussion.

~Lynn Mitchell