Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Challenge: Donate $10 to Jim Gilmore campaign

Can you spare $10 to help Jim Gilmore? I know it is tough to contribute to political campaigns especially when you are a college student, young person just starting out, retired living on a fixed income, and parents who may be home educating their children in one-income families.

That's why I'm asking if you can spare $10. If many join in, it will add up fast to help buy TV ads and other necessary campaign materials in these final days fighting against Mark Warner.

I have made my donation.

Not surprisingly, the Mark Warner campaign has come out against the first Jim Gilmore television ad. In a letter to supporters (how I got on the list is a mystery to me), the Mark Warner campaign whined that the ad was not truthful. Perhaps they should point that accusing finger back at themselves.

Please ... make a contribution to Jim Gilmore for Senate so we will not have two Democrat senators from Virginia.

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