Monday, March 08, 2010

Trixie Averill is the right choice for 6th District Chairman

Trixie Averill stood with Support the Troops ralliers at the 2007 Cindy Sheehan appearance in Charlottesville. Her sign says, "3 Tour Military Mom." Her son, Sgt. Marcus Averill, was deployed to Iraq three times during Operation Iraqi Freedom. She stood solidly and defiantly in support of her son and all military men and women who defend our country.

She's been there for 20 years working for conservative causes and candidates ... and on Friday Trixie Averill was the guest speaker at the Harrisonburg-Rockingham First Friday as she addressed Republicans with an interest in the future leadership of the 6th Congressional District. She was recruited by many who felt her years of service and hard work were needed. As Trixie herself said:
"I am generally more comfortable working hard in the background for the good of the party and for our Republican candidates, but our unique circumstances in the 6th District require leadership that can unite us."
Friday she was typical Trixie ... animated, upbeat, and a patriotic military mom whose son spent three tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.

Trixie highlighted her grassroots activism and, indeed, most of us know her from her years of traveling the Shenandoah Valley supporting Republican candidates and encouraging volunteers who wanted to be involved.

A brief outline of Trixie's conservative work throughout the years:

- Conservative: pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, believes in Virginia GOP Creed
- Worked on campaigns for George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Mark Earley, Jerry Kilgore, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and others
- Traveled all of the Western part of the state since 1993 representing statewide candidates
- Spent countless hours attending and organizing meetings, fundraisers, rallies, parades, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and untold numbers of barbeques
- Made phone calls, lists, distributed materials, worked Headquarters, sent thousands of emails, poked, prodded, and pushed candidates and volunteers alike to work harder to win the race
- Member of the 6th District Committee and the State Central Committee since 1992
- Currently serves as the Western Vice-Chairwoman

Trixie explained her reason for seeking the 6th District Chairman position:
Now, after 16 years of traveling the West, I’d like to focus right here in my home district. The political landscape has changed and we can no longer assume that the 6th will go red, just because it always has. I do believe that we can still win and win big, but we have to buckle down, work together, and stay focused on the goal.
The 6th District Convention is May 22 in Lynchburg.

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