Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Hello, Freak" ... bashing GOP volunteers....

Tolerance: The right to opinions. Liberals ... Democrats ... all those "peace and love" folks who are always professing they are tolerant of all .... they are tolerant of alternative lifestyles, illegal immigrants, world religions, and more.

But they are not tolerant of me or my beliefs. Why? Because I am conservative ... a Christian ... an American. I love and respect our military, I love my country, I respect my American flag.
These are not necessarily issues they believe in and so they hammer and mock and make fun. But they still profess that they are "tolerant."

Interesting ... their definition of "tolerant" must be similar to Bill Clinton's definition of "is."

Today I went grocery shopping in Staunton. Small-town USA. My minivan, covered with dust from a week volunteering at the Republican booth at the Augusta County Fair, was in the parking lot. When I started to load groceries in my vehicle, the dust on the tailgate had been disturbed by someone who decided to write a message. What they wrote was:

"Hello Freak."

My tailgate is a GOP political billboard. I have bumper stickers for President George W. Bush ... Senator George Allen ... Congressman Bob Goodlatte ... Delegate Chris Saxman. There's an American flag decal. The message printed in the dust was very possibly in response to my conservative GOP candidate bumper stickers.

Not only did they not practice tolerance ... they were inconsiderate enough to not practice tolerance ... on my vehicle. Say hello to this proud Republican Freak!

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