Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where is Jim Webb?

"Macaca" is all I've heard in the news lately. Talk about the MSM carrying the Democrats' water!

Where is Jim Webb during the month of August? Let's hear him answer questions about policy and issues. Will the media hold him accountable? Do pigs fly....?


Jackson Landers said...

Jim Webb was campaigning in Virginia Beach yesterday and gave a speech largely about Iraq and ideas for getting us the hell out of there without it turning into a disaster. He's not mentioning the 'macaca' thing at all.

If you show up for one of his speeches in front of smaller crowds (with a Q&A session) or go to one of his public meetings then you'll find that he's happy to talk policy and issues with you. The biggest issue in 2006 seems to be the war in Iraq and Jim Webb is spending a lot of time talking about it. As a former Republican secretary of the Navy and a decorated combat veteran, he has a lot to say about it with far more detail in his policy proposals than most politicians are even capable of offering. If you are curious about his position on this, the top issue of the day, I refer you to a speech he gave earlier this month which is available at

What exactly is it that you want the media to hold Jim Webb accountable for?

The 'macaca' thing has gotten so much play from the media for 2 reasons. First, Allen pumped himself up as the big contender for the '08 GOP Presidential nomination. And the media bought it, holding him up the real thing. He wanted to be big news and to be the big kahuna and so they obliged. But the thing is that when the big kahuna makes a mistake on the campaign trail it's much bigger news than when any other random candidate makes a gaffe. He wanted his every move to be news and he got his wish.

The second reason is that it's August. Not much happening, politically. August is always a slow news month. Campaigns haven't quite heated up yet and there's nothing happening in Washington. So when a U.S. Senator looks right at a camera and calls a dark-skinned man the French equivilant of 'nigger' that's the sort of thing that tends to be a big deal. If it had happened last March when there was plenty of other political news then it would have been over faster.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

First, Jim Webb doesn't have to mention macaca; the MSM and liberal bloggers are doing it for him.

You asked, "What exactly is it that you want the media to hold Jim Webb accountable for?" Here are just a few things:

1) Guantanamo Bay: Webb said the rest of the world is watching and we should expect the same poor treatment if our soldiers are captured. Tell that to the families of soldiers who have been decapitated, bodies booby-trapped with explosives, dragged through the streets, tortured. I'm sure they would have loved for their fallen heroes to have received the "same treatment" the Guantanamo Bay prisoners are enjoying: daily prayer rituals, Muslim-correct foods, good clothing, good quarters.

2) Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were caught on the battlefield in civilian clothing fighting our troops. If we chose we could treat them any way we wanted. But the U.S. doesn't operate that way.

3) Craney Island: Does Jim Webb know Virginia and her issues a little better now after being left with his mouth hanging open when asked about Craney Island by Senator Allen at the debate?

4) Secretary of Navy for President Ronald Reagan: For 10 months and then he abruptly resigned in what the NY Times called a "petulant resignation" and the Washington Post called a "tantrum." During a primary debate with Harris Miller earlier this year he told him to "shut your mouth." Temper problems?

After quitting the Reagan administration he was heard to say he was finished with government service and that the tedium of the bureaucracy was too much. Now he's okay with the tedium? Flip-flop?

5) He's quit the Democrats before and the Republicans twice thus prompting Senator Allen to call him "R2-D2" at the debate. Indecisive? What does he stand for? Is he an opportunist? Does he go where things are best for the people of Virginia ... or is he only interested in what's best for Jim Webb? Flip-flop?

How can we be sure this man will stick to the issues we care about ... or will he lose interest as he has in so many other things during his life? He's even on his third marriage.

6) Affirmative Action: I'm not sure exactly where he stands on this because he has been heard to have various opinions. For one he said it should only apply to African-Americans which sounds as if he means no other minority group -- Latinos, women, others - should be involved. Another time he was heard to say he felt it had changed a lot since it was first set up to provide assistance to African-Americans and is now unfair to poor white Americans. Flip-flop?

7) George Allen: Jim Webb supported George Allen six years ago. Now he's against him. Another flip-flop.

Those are a few of the things I'd like to see the media hold Jim Webb accountable for.

f mcdonald said...

Jim Webb wants us out of Iraq. He has consistently demeaned the war effort there. As a Senator wannabee I want to know what his plan is. Will he vote to cut off funds for the war after some arbitrary date of his choosing? That worked so well in Viet Nam as evidenced by the ensuing bloodbath and enslavement of the populace. Will he call for the impeachment of the commander in chief like so many of his new democratik friends are hoping to? Will he continue to boost the insurgency by his condemnation of our presence in Iraq? I have a few more things I'd like to ask him but this'll do for now.